Research and the NCFA


The NCFA maintains a continuous focus on research through various means, including: regular member and public surveys, policy reviews and comparative analysis. From its founding, the NCFA has set a clear agenda for its research activities, including its Strategy on Research.

Photograph Tony Kinlan

The NCFA believes that a programme of dynamically planned research with practical policy goals is urgently needed to ensure the funded arts sector continues to serve its social, economic, and cultural function. This is desirable as soon as possible. Everyone should know how the funded arts sector is governed, what it achieves, and who benefits.

The complementary paper, the NCFA Position on Research seeks to stimulate public interest in why research matters and characterises the current situation.

Both these documents can be viewed and downloaded here .

Read together, our documents on research set out our aspirations and actions aimed at linking research to policy in the arts. We want to promote connection between all researchers whose work affects perceptions and decisions affecting the arts and arts policies.

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