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With our members support, we work to ensure that the arts are on local and national government agendas and are recognised as a vital part of contemporary Irish life. The National Campaign for the Arts steering group is responsible for long-term strategy and our members focus on specific campaigns or research objectives.

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We welcome donations of up to €100!

As a voluntary group The NCFA is grateful for your support. We use any donations to manage our communications and to cover the operational costs of the campaign. As an advocacy group we make an annual return to the office of The Standards in Public Office (SIPO).

In accordance with SIPO guidelines NCFA

  • may not accept anonymous donations exceeding the value of €100
  • may not accept a cash donation exceeding the value of €200
  • may not accept a donation exceeding the value of €200 in any calendar year from a corporate donor unless the corporate donor is registered in the register of Corporate Donors maintained by the Standards Commission
  • may not accept any donations, of whatever value, from an individual (other than an Irish citizen) who resides outside the island of Ireland
  • may not accept a donation from a body corporate or unincorporated body of persons which does not keep an office in the island of Ireland
  • may not accept a donations or donations from the same donor, in any calendar year exceeding, in the case of a TD, Senator, MEP, candidate at a Dáil, Seanad or European election or Presidential candidate/election agent, an aggregate value of €1,000 or, in the case of a political party, sub-unit of a political party or a third party, an aggregate value of €2,500.

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