Arts Sector Meeting | 10th March, 2pm

11th February 2022
Basic Income for the Arts – Pilot Scheme: NCFA response to the Government announcement of April 5, 2022
5th April 2022
As we emerge from Covid-19 restrictions and await the roll-out of the Basic Income for Artists scheme, NCFA invites the arts sector to an online meeting for updates and feedback on key issues for 2022. 

We are also recruiting for new members to join the NCFA Steering Committee and we wish to outline the key objectives for members and hear feedback from the sector.

The meeting will take place via Zoom on 10th March at 2pm and will last approximately one hour.


Issues to be covered include:
Basic Income for Artists
Action plan to address systematic barriers to equal access to the arts
-NCFA Steering Committee recruitment
Taxation commission
Insurance reform
-Research and data on the arts sector

We invite discussion on the above and more, and welcome questions and comments in advance to
Help the NCFA continue to advocate for the arts in Ireland.