NCFA welcomes Maureen Kennelly’s appointment to Arts Council

31st January 2020
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19th March 2020

The National Campaign for the Arts welcomes the appointment of Maureen Kennelly, a hugely experienced arts professional with a practical and policy understanding of theatre, festivals, resource organisations and supporting individual artists to the position of Director of the Arts Council.

“Maureen understands the importance of supporting and developing an ecosystem which allows artists to create the best possible work in the best possible conditions for audiences to enjoy and participate in. NCFA look forward to supporting her vision.” (Angela Dorgan, Chair NCFA)

NCFA call again on whatever government forms in the coming weeks to give the Arts Council the financial support to deliver on their vision as highlighted in Making Great Art Work, which can be achieved by sticking to their commitments to doubling arts funding and doubling funding to the Arts Council and Culture Ireland. 

Help the NCFA continue to advocate for the arts in Ireland.