What Next? Minutes of meeting 28 September 2016

What Next? Minutes of meeting 14 September 2016
28th September 2016
NCFA Response to Budget 2017 – Press release – Tuesday 11th October 2016
11th October 2016

NCFA What Next?
Minutes of meeting, 28 September 2016

In attendance: Niamh Lunny, Gráinne Pollack, Síofra NicLiam, Eoghan Carrick

NOTE: meeting next week will be in the Peacock Theatre Café (Abbey Theatre), Wednesday 9am

Steering group meeting update:

  • Meetings are being set up with TDs around the country to discuss the Pre-Budget Submission.
  • Discussions around making sure the information is well disseminated. Looking into creating short discussions to be hosted on Sound Cloud.
  • There is a push get the Road Show for colleges around Ireland going. It will focus on giving people information of the circumstances and how to lobby.
  • Discussed fundraising and how to develop a fundraising campaign.
  • Niamh Lunny discussed creating a history/timeline of the NCFA. It will be worked up in relation to the website

Whats Next? update:

  • Gráinne has done some work in writing up content for the Newsletter. It will be ready to send to by the end of the week. All members should receive it.
  • Eoghan Carrick and Síofra NicLiam met with Paul Murphy AAA. The AAA are in agreement with much of the NCFA requests. Particular interest in STEAM, the Social Welfare reform and the increase in funding to the arts. They are working up their budget and are going to put a line for the increase in funding. They have no arts policy but are hoping to clarify it in writing by December.
  • Philomena Byrne, Eoghan Carrick and Aideen Howard met with Richard Boyd Barrett. They discussed the NCFA asks in the Pre-Budget Submission and Richard Boyd Barrett and the PBP are on board. The PBP arts policy name checks the NCFA Pre-Budget submission.
  • Eoghan’s website update: Paul Brennan is going to update the website. It will be a new website started from scratch. Much of the content is available on the current website. It will need to be updated and made more accessible for new administrators to use it. Copy for the website will be edited and developed by the communications team which is being set up now.

To Do:

  • Niamh get in touch with Tanya Bannotti
  • Niamh to meet with Brian Horgan about fundraising.
  • Gráinne and Síofra to sort out newsletter and send it to Aoife Lucey for Friday
  • Eoghan to continue website work
  • Meeting next week in the Peacock Theatre Café
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