What Next? Minutes of meeting 21 September 2016

What Next? Minutes of meeting 7 September 2016
7th September 2016
What Next? Minutes of meeting 14 September 2016
28th September 2016

What Next?
Minutes of meeting 21 September 2016

In attendance: Michelle Browne, Eoghan Carrick, Niamh Lunny, Siobhán Mooney, Gráinne Pollock


  • Membership is up to date
  • From now on when people sign up to NCFA they sign up directly to campaign monitor not the website, this works much better

Work Placement

  • Michelle B suggested that we look into getting someone on a work placement
  • Arts Admin course in UCD run by Emily Mark Fitzgerald, Michelle B will contact her about this OR Arts policy course in IADT
  • Work placement candidate: help draft newsletters, work closely with a mentor who has a lot of experience, will have a desk they can work from (possibly in Theatre Forum)
  • Need to figure out: who does the work placement candidate report to? What exactly can we offer? How can we make the role sustainable so that the work that is done doesn’t fall off when work placement leaves? How long is the work placement?


  • NCFA Soundcloud is being reactivated. What do we want to use it for?
  • Maybe short interviews on policy? People will not listen to news/content that is out of date. Is there any point in reactivating? It is a lot of work for a low hit rate

NCFA Interaction

  • Gathering stories/interviews from people about how they interact with the arts and their first experiences with the arts etc., Jenny Keogh and Ali Kirby to take a lead on this
  • Good to have these interviews taking place nationally, not just in Dublin
  • How can you become the NCFA? Should try and get this question out to people, on the website etc., make it more personal
  • Michelle B will find out if NCFA can give a talk in NCAD during their Thursday lecture series
  • Need to get across that the NCFA What Next meetings are open to everyone – it is not a closed group


  • Newsletter to go out on the 30th of each month, it will be a concise roundup of the minutes and any other big news
  • Newsletter to be sent to Aoife Lucey and she will send it out
  • Draft will be set up in a google docs document to people can edit the draft instead of sending emails and drafts back and forth
  • Pre budget submission to be included in the next newsletter


Eoghan C:

  • To find out about details of the roadshow
  • Find out about the website and get constituency info from the old website
  • Put Michelle B in touch with Eugene D about visiting the collages

Michelle B:

  • To contact Emily Mark Fitzgerald about the work placement – look into other Arts Admin courses
  • Draft a job spec for the work placement position

Gráinne P:

  • To set up a google doc for the newsletter so everyone can edit the draft

VAI ARE MOVING TO OLIVER BOND STREET. NEXT WEEKS MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE at Independent Studios, 16 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

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