What Next? Minutes of meeting 14 September 2016

What Next? Minutes of meeting 21 September 2016
28th September 2016
What Next? Minutes of meeting 28 September 2016
29th September 2016

NCFA What Next?
Minutes of meeting, 14 September 2016

In attendance: Eoghan Carrick, Siobhán Mooney, Gráinne Pollock, Síofra Nic Liam, Niamh Lunny

Culture Night

  • Unable to go ahead with plans for volunteers and PDF for venues in short time frame
  • Hashtag #republicofculture to be used instead

Website/Email/Social Media

  • Eoghan to meet with Theatre Forumto finalise database so that all members will now receive email updates
  • Monthly Newsletter to start circulating to NCFA members, Síofra, Grainne and Siobhan to work on this
  • Website to be updated by David Wall and more linkage to website will be posted through facebook and twitter
  • #republicofculture to start being used

Meetings with TDs

  • NCFA met with oireachtas committe
  • NCFA members to begin to meet with local TDs
  • Information, possibly in podcast form, to start being produced to aid people who want to meet with TDs
  • Pre-budget submission will be emailed to members to also aid anyone meeting their TDs
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