What Next? Minutes of meeting 3 August 2016

Press Release :: Statement from NCFA following publication of draft national cultural policy
27th July 2016
What Next? Minutes of meeting 10 August 2016
11th August 2016

NCFA What Next?

Minutes of meeting, 3 August 2016

In attendance: Eoghan Carrick, Tom Creed, Ali Kirby, Karina Lundstrom, Siobhan Mooney, Siofra Nic Liam

Political progress/updates:

• Consultation with Bricolage and Q4 is currently developing – our mission is being refined
• Their focus with the NCFA is on artist’s rights and the formation of a Cultural Ministry.
• Two actions are being sought from government – to take Ireland from the bottom of the European League in terms of funding and to commit to ongoing investment in the arts.
• We need to focus on arts at a local level as politicians are driven by local matters in order to be re-elected.
• There needs to be an ongoing emphasis on arts in education.
• Three key points we need to emphasise:
1. The arts are an integral part of local life, creating cohesion and strengthening bonds within communities.
2. The creative industries in Ireland such as fashion, games, and film are highly lucrative and support the economy.
3. Our culture is our national identity, it defines us and it increases tourism to our country.
• There is more academic research to be done with the possibility of hiring a researcher in the future.
• A meeting will take place with the Arts Council next week.
• Party think-ins will take place in September so our message needs to be refined in the next two weeks.
• We need to reactivate local constituency groups. Tom C will take the lead on this over the next week.
• The NCFA are seeking €350 million funding/spend on (for the arts) from the government. This is double the current figure.
• Artist Charter being developed with focus on taxation and social protection.
• ‘Stem to Steam’ initiative focuses on art in the curriculum as a priority subject instead of an extra or add-on
• Main messages for the arts campaign: Money, the artist, education, the public, and corporate and philanthropic investment.
• We need to increase engagement between the public and the campaign. Build up strong working group and encourage more volunteers.
• Another public meeting should take place soon, possibly after budget announcement

Next meeting: 10 August, 9am at VAI offices (Central Hotel Chambers, 7/9 Dame Court, Dublin 2)

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