What Next? Minutes of meeting 10 August 2016

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11th August 2016
NCFA What Next? Minutes of meeting 31 August 2016
31st August 2016

NCFA What Next?

Minutes of meeting, 10 August 2016

In attendance: Eoghan Carrick, Tom Creed, Ali Kirby, Karina Lundstrom, Shelly McDonnell, Siobhan Mooney, Siofra Nic Liam, Ian Toner

Political Progress/ Updates

Tom gave an update on the NCFA/ Arts Council meeting:
• In submissions / feedback, it will be key that we integrate funding milestones into the shorter-term as well as “to 2025”.
• In light of current context the ‘arms-length principle’ should be invoked in our submissions
• In relation to the 1916/2016 commemorative funding, they have requested this be ring-fenced annually as part of future investment
• In terms of future-planning we should integrate a targeted approach to the Local Authorities into our planning– specifically through both the Arts Officers, CCMA and Councillors;
• It was noted Culture2025 will signal the first time the policy function of the Arts Act will have been enacted.
• It was also suggested to us to be clear of our role in terms of representing the arts community within a broader cultural discussion;
• As an FYI: the Arts Council has requested €10M in additional funds in their pre-budget submission, and there is a general query around the impact of the €43M required for Galway ECOC
• Ian asked about the procedures around the public emailing to offer support. Focus should be put on co-ordinting them with their constituency groups and engaging with the social media on Twitter and Facebook. Get the information out. Like. Share. Retweet.
• Shelly and Siobhan brought up that there will be a NCFA Information Table set up at the Visual Arts Annual Get Together in IMMA on the 26th August. Jo Mangan has been contacted and Shelly and Siobhan are going to spearhead, ensuring the desk is manned. The “What You Can Do” page that Tom is making up will be available at the desk for people to take.
• Eoghan asked the group to keep sending on articles for the social media. It helps.
• The website was discussed and suggestions were made to make it easier to navigate. It needs to be clearer in how it tells people: what we do, who we are and how people can help. It also need the information to be updated and streamlined.

To Do:

• Tom will finish the update of “What You Can Do” information for the website and collating the constituency co-ordinator information.
• Ali, Eoghan, Karina will report back on the website meeting
• The public messaging information will be followed up by Tom.
• Ali and Ian will continue to look after the NCFA email.
• Eoghan will continue to update the Social media.
• Shelly and Siobhan will gather a group of people to man the NCFA desk for the Vis Arts Annual Meeting.

Next meeting: 17 August, 9am at the VAI Offices (Central Hotel Chambers, 7/9 Dame Court, Dublin 2)

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