What Next? Minutes of meeting 27 July 2016

NCFA What Next – Minutes of Meeting 20 July 2016
22nd July 2016
Press Release :: Statement from NCFA following publication of draft national cultural policy
27th July 2016

NCFA What Next?
Minutes of meeting, 27July 2016

In attendance: Eoghan Carrick, Tom Creed, Karina Lundstrom, Shelly McDonnell, Siobhán Mooney, Síofra Nic Liam

General updates:

  • Eoghan C and Karina L have created the list of arts organisations. They have created a shared folder on google drive – can everyone have a look and help fill in the information?
  • Meeting with Q4 PR went really well last week
  • Bricolage will send us a proposal for the message we want to send out
  • The vote yes campaign was based around the swing voters – our campaign   should not be for the converted
  • Michelle Browne will engage with colleges when she comes back
  • More things to move on next week; public engagement, new messaging, meeting the politicians
  • Tom C will check if he can put the contact details for the constituency organisers on the website.

Political progress/updates:

  • Tom C, Cian O’Brien and Angela Dorgan will meet with Orlaith McBride from the Arts Council next week
  • Constituency activity: next important step is when the politicians go on a retreat/think-in, we need to get in contact with them before this. Tom C will have the dates for this by next week
  • Core research group: policy experts and academics are researching models for good arts policy and models for good arts campaigning.  Tom C will check the timeline for the research requested by Peadar Tóibín
  • August will be about preparing – when the politicians and colleges are back we will speed up our work/the campaign
  • The arts have never been so engaged politically – Heather Humphreys has attended several cultural events recently.

Social media
Eoghan C will:

  • schedule a FB post about the NCFA meetings each week
  • create a private FB group for NCFA members where we can all share articles/news, this will be used as a filter and approved articles will be put on the public FB page.
  • research optimal times to post and share reminders, minutes and articles on FB and twitter.

Culture 2025 document is on the department website here

Next meeting: 3 August, 9am at VAI offices (Central Hotel Chambers, 7/9 Dame Court, Dublin 2)

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