Press Release :: Statement from NCFA following publication of draft national cultural policy

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27th July 2016
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Statement from NCFA following publication of draft national cultural policy

21 July 2016 – The publication of the draft ten-year national framework policy for culture marks a significant moment, two years after the previous Government’s decision to initiate the process.

The NCFA shares the Government’s view that the draft document represents the “beginning of a process”, and thanks the Minister for agreeing to send it as a draft to the Oireachtas for consideration on a cross-party basis in the new Joint Committee on Arts & Heritage. 

Even as a high-level framework, the draft policy document seems brief, with further development needed in a number of areas.  To make the policy effective, the development of an implementation plan with specific and measurable actions and targets is clearly vital and, once the draft framework policy is finalised, we welcome the Minister’s commitment to move quickly to develop that plan in partnership and consultation with all the stakeholders. 

The NCFA looks forward to making a full contribution to both the finalisation of the draft framework policy and the development of the implementation plan, engaging actively with the Minister and Government, the Joint Committee and with all members of the Oireachtas.

On behalf of the Irish arts community, the NCFA is determined to help achieve a new cross-party consensus on a ten-year vision for culture at the heart of Irish life and society.


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The Campaign

Established in 2009 as a response to the McCarthy Report, The National Campaign for the Arts is a nationwide, volunteer-led, grass roots movement that makes the case for the Arts in Ireland. The NCFA’s pre-election manifesto included calls on the government to:

  • Commit to increasing annual investment in Arts and Culture to 0.3% of GDP, taking us half way to the European average
  • Publish the cultural policy document Culture 2025 in draft form for interrogation by the Oireachtas Arts Committee
  • Maintain on an annual basis, the €50 million allocated to the Department of Arts for 2016 commemorations, and ring-fence it for The Arts Council and The Irish Film Board
  • Implement tax efficiencies/strategies to stimulate corporate and philanthropic giving
  • Create a new Arts fund from National Lottery funds
  • Appoint an expert panel of Artists/Cultural Managers to function as Policy and Strategy Advisors to the Minister and the Department

* = Assessment of the Economic Impact of the Arts in Ireland 2011, prepared by Indecon International Economic Consultants

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