NCFA What Next – Minutes of Meeting 20 July 2016

NCFA What Next – Minutes of Meeting 15 June 2016
14th July 2016
What Next? Minutes of meeting 27 July 2016
27th July 2016

NCFA What Next?

Minutes of meeting, 20 July 2016

In attendance: Eoghan Carrick, Tom Creed, Karina Lundstrom, Jo Mangan, Siobhan Mooney, Síofra Nic Liam


Political Progress:

  • Eoghan C, Jo M and Eugene Downes had a meeting with Peadar Tóibín (SF)
  • Peadar T is leading a committee on arts, he is well informed and has agreed that NCFA will be formally invited to the committee in September
  • Peadar asked us to layout our wants and needs, we have to provide him with the following:

1. An example or examples of what we consider a good Cultural Policy form overseas
2. Our own feedback on the Policy Doc
3. Figures (possibly via rep bodies) on how many people a dole equivalent would be relevant for
4. Ideas for legislation – I am presuming a look at the Arts Act and/or Social Welfare legislation is best to focus on
5. Look at 3 year budgetary targets for each element of spend of the Dept (Arts Council, Film Board, Heritage Council etc)
6. Get any draft legislation in terms of the social welfare drive from Labour

The current research committee: Olwen Dawe, Emily Mark-FitzGerald,  Iseult Byrne, Eugene Downs, Willie White. If anyone else would like to get involved please let Jo M know.

Many politician’s are on holidays, however we still need to stay in contact as it is s pre budget time.

1. Objectives (from last weeks minutes under ‘what are we asking for?’)

– A sustainable Cultural Policy – not just feeding money into special events
– Cultural Experts are needed to advise this policy
– Joined up thinking between the departments –

  • How culture is tied to business, the arts are an industry that we are world class in – a meeting with the IDA was discussed
  • We need a Cultural Ministry
  • Education 

– Money needs to go to artists rather than just buildings
– Multi annual funding as opposed to annual funding, allows for better planning and sustainability
– Conversation needs to happen with the Arts Council about funding, more people need to be funded – money needs to be spread further
– Art and Social Protection – Status of the Artist needs to be recognised
– When an artist goes to social welfare offices they are told to get a job/work on CV /do a course etc. Artist as a profession needs recognition.
– Again we can bring this up with Leo V and Tom will follow up with Claire Barrett about this.

We want Culture to feature in all departments, not just the Arts Department

2. What Are Our Messages?

– Arts are part of everyone’s life
– Arts are not a hobby (but they can be)
– Arts are for all
– Entertaining/challenging
– Rebranding the arts?
– Everyone engages with the arts and everyone should have the opportunity to do so
– Arts are not just about participation, arts are an industry and we need to talk about them as such
– Arts has the potential to challenge status quo

3. What Are Our Structures?

– Karina L will create a list of other arts organisations that should get involved with NCFA and come to meetings
– When Jo M and Tom C cannot attend others will chair the meetings
– The core groups mission and objectives need to be passed on to the constituencies, every constituency goes to their local politician with the research that the core group/research committee has done and reports back
– Within these local structure Tom C needs people that he can deputise to
– If the core group is not clear then the local groups become disengaged
– Communication with each group at least once a month

4. Work Streams

– How campaigns start and develop and how we know when they have succeeded
– How work is done, coordinated, delegated and reported – timelines/ work streams/ activity
– NCFA road show – touring the country meeting with people face to face
– Gather public support, Culture Night will be a big undertaking to get our message across
– Postcards: Who are they for? Who do people send them to? What is achieved?
– We need to record people’s testimonies

We need to know exactly what this project is.

Working Group/ Next Week

– Karina L to research and make a list various arts organisations. Next step is to make contact; ask them to come to the Wednesday meetings and to become engaged, also ask to become involved in the various constituency groups (email
– Jo M:

  • Ask Noelia about helping with the website, Noelia to approach the website creators (Conor & David)
  • Set up meeting with IMRO
  • Siobhán M: Connect with Aoife Lucey about the website admin
  • Síofra Nic L: Organise meeting with Socialist party when possible
  • Eoghan C: Looking after admin and social media, will help Karina L with list of arts organisations

– Tom C:

  • Update the constituencies
  • Set up meetings with Arts Council and Department of Arts
  • Eugene D: Set up meeting with film board
  • Constituency groups: Get more members and contact/keep up contact with TD’s

Next meeting 9am on 27 July at VAI offices

Help the NCFA continue to advocate for the arts in Ireland.