Pack the Dáil this Weds 22 June 2016

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20th June 2016
Press release :: 22 June :: Government announces change of Department title
23rd June 2016


As previously announced, Fianna Fáil have called a Dáíl debate on the Arts which will take place on Wednesday 22nd June from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. The motion is very comprehensive, you can read it here.

We need the visitors’ gallery at the Dáíl to be packed with artists and arts workers for the debate.

This was very effective back in June 2012 when we packed the gallery – it means other TDs will speak and acknowledge the presence of the people who are there.

We need you to do the following immediately:

1. Contact all TDs that you’ve previously been in touch with and urge them to be there to represent you, their constituents, at the debate.

2. If you can be in Dublin for the debate, ask your TD to arrange visitor passes so you can be there.

You’ll find a full list with contact details for all TDs in your constituency at the link here

Please join us in maximising the impact of this important moment in our collective campaign for an All-Party Approach to the National Cultural Policy, Culture 2025

Help the NCFA continue to advocate for the arts in Ireland.