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Over 7,000 sign petition for dedicated Arts, Culture & Heritage Department
12th May 2016
Press Release :: 19 May :: Campaign welcomes engagement, but wants solid commitments
19th May 2016

Irish Arts, Culture & Heritage need Adequate Funding and a Dedicated Government Department

Thousands of signatures have been gathered so far on this petition. More are needed.

We value Arts, lets tell the Government that.

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Give arts, culture and heritage the respect it deserves by creating an independent Department and setting a funding target of 0.6% of GDP (the EU average spend on arts/culture). Ireland has one of the lowest levels of public support in the EU.

Why is this important?

Ireland has one of the lowest level of public funding and support for arts and culture in all of Europe. Successive Irish governments claim to honour and take pride in our rich cultural heritage, celebrated artists and world-class artistic achievements but consistently fail to nurture and support the creative community.

The Arts, Culture and Heritage communities have suffered disproportionately under the last government. The impact in the sector, on jobs, community and education as well as on our international reputation has not been assessed in any credible way by the incoming government. We demand a) an independent adequately resourced Department is created b) a commitment to raising funding the arts, cultural and heritage sector to European average of 0.6% c) publication of a national cultural policy that has the endorsement of the community.

Help the NCFA continue to advocate for the arts in Ireland.