Fine Gael have just announced a new arts policy in time for the general election

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2nd February 2011

As far as the NCFA knows, Fine Gael is the only party to have issued a new policy in time for the election. (We understand the Labour Party is finalising its new policy but it may not be adopted by the parliamentary party in time to be the official party policy during the election campaign. The FG document is below.

Some of the commitments include:  

  • The arts and cullture “will have a seat at the cabinet table” in any future FG government
  • Commitment to a flagship Literature Centre in a landmark building in Dublin, given the UNESCO City of literature designation and possibly a new arts and film channel.
  • A much greater commitment to the arts in the school curricula & the cultural rights of children as well as core funding for organisations providing arts programming for children 
  • As part of 2016 commemoration, a range of new commissions beginning immediately 
  • National Endowment Fund for the Arts to be set up  
  • Arts Council vacancies in future will be advertised


j Fine Gael Arts Policy

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