National Day of Action Roundup

National Campaign for the Arts Meeting the Taoiseach as part of ‘National Day of Action’
3rd September 2010
News Roundup
17th September 2010
  • 100 people flash danced at government buildings today
  • 83 year old John Beesley told the Taoiseach in Offaly “I would dead but for the arts project”  that he participates in at Clara Day care centre. It doesn’t get more powerful than that!
  • The Taoiseach told Offaly arts workers the role of the arts was “…critical. Ireland is  society not just an economy. This will borne in mind when the Budget is being drawn up in the coming weeks.”
  • Today was  a milestone in terms of how the arts community represent ourselves
  • The Dail cafe was buzzing with arts groups from Kildare, Dublin South East, Dublin North Central and Dublin North East all meeting their TDs.
  • Different issues have come up – the role of the arts in developing the smart economy. How widespread the level of arts activity is around the country
  • More than 3,000 members of the public have emailed their TDs in the last 4 days to tell them why they feel the are worth supporting.


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