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29th July 2010
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10th August 2010

Dance Ireland has published a survey, titled DANCE COUNTS 2008, which is the first ever analysis of the membership activity and audiences of the representative body for professional dance in Ireland.

Survey respondents attracted performance audiences of more than 85,000 and dance class attendances in excess of 60,000. Their outreach activities reached an additional 26,000 people who would otherwise probably not have experienced dance.

In total, Dance Ireland members involved more than 170,000 members of the public in dance activities in 2008.

The survey also shows that Dance Ireland member respondents received public investment of approx €4million through the Arts Council in 2008, and generated spend of almost €7.5million on their dance activities in that year. They hired nearly 400 dancers and employed over 350 others, the vast majority on part-time/project specific work.

In a press release issued yesterday, Dance Ireland Chief Executive Paul Johnson noted “Dance Counts 2008 is the first piece of empirical evidence we have of a vibrant and healthy dance sector. While those working in the sector have always known this; we now have baseline statistics which demonstrate that dance is an important part of many people’s lives, provides employment and significantly is yielding fantastic value from State investment.”

DANCE COUNTS 2008 is the first survey in a planned longitudinal study of dance activity in Ireland by Dance Ireland. Focusing on the years 2008 to 2012, DANCE COUNTS will build up an incredible snapshot of dance activity in Ireland, leading up to Dance Ireland’s official  21st year anniversary celebration in 2013.

Dance Counts 2008 can be viewed at

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