Detailed breakdown of Arts funding in Budget 2010

National Campaign for the Arts response to Budget 2010 – Press release
9th December 2009
End of year message from the National Campaign
11th December 2009

We started it but you did it. You flash mobbed, organised local meetings, signed the petition, made films, and most importantly you wrote and met your politicians. You have helped the arts in Ireland. Thank you.

We achieved a lot in short time. The worst of the proposals in the McCarthy Report have been avoided today.

Here’s the initial news about the Budget and the arts:

  • Both the Film Board and Culture Ireland have not been abolished, or merged with another entity.
  • The Arts Council budget next year is €69 million, a cut of 5.6%. This is a lot less than we had feared and is testament to the efforts of everyone in the campaign.

However, because the Arts Council’s budget was cut in the supplementary budget in March, but they opted not to pass on this cut mid year, we understand they spent approximately €2.4 million of the 2010 grant in 2009. This means they will have approximately €6.5 million less to spend in 2010. This will have a significant impact on artists and arts organisations.

You can read our press statement with reaction from members of the campaign here.




Arts & Culture Agencies 2009 2010 % +/-
  €m €m  
Arts Council 73.35 69.2 -5.66%
Film Board 20.34 19.3 -5.11%
Culture Ireland 4.553 4.083 -10.32%
IMMA/ NCH/ Chester Beatty & Crawford 15.6 14.9 -4.49%
National Museum 15.4 15.88 -3.12%
Cultural Projects (regional museums e.g. Hunt/ Foynes/ Science Gallery/ James Joyce & Print Museum) 5.32 4.4 -17.29%


Department Breakdown 2009 2010 % +/-
  €m €m  
Arts 178 167 -6.18%
Sport/td> 195.4 175 -10.44%
Tourism 153.2 155 1.17%


The National Campaign plans to continue the fight in 2010. Our taska are:

  • to build a political and public mandate for support for the arts;
  • to underline the role and impact of the arts and culture in the country.

Thank you for all your support. We’ll be in touch.

Help the NCFA continue to advocate for the arts in Ireland.