TDs that have been met by the NCFA

National Campaign for the Arts meets Minister to discuss Budget Impact on Arts and presents petition
26th November 2009
Buy Irish art/ arts experiences this Christmas!
4th December 2009

Here is the list of the current 166 TDs. 
Those highligted have had direct face-to-face meetings with a representative of the NCFA. Many more have been written to by constitiuents or addressed at public meetings.

However, face-to-face meetings really are the best way of communicating the messages of the Campaign!

TDs really want to meet their constituents so meetings do need to be organised locally – however we are only too happy to give you some guidance or if possible come with you so please do let us know if we can help.

Please do let us know if you have had a meeting and we haven’t indicated it on the list.

Help the NCFA continue to advocate for the arts in Ireland.