Petition: We need 10,000 signatures by Friday 27 November

Press release by Labour, 5 November 2009 welcoming report on Economic Impact of the Arts in Ireland
6th November 2009
A for Arts Masked Flash Mob – Wexford Town 12pm Saturday 21st Nov
16th November 2009

Time is ticking away with the Budget coming up on December 9. There are many ways you can support the National Campaign for the Arts including meeting your local politicians and joining your local arts worker group but one of the quickest and easiest things you can do is to sign the petition.

We need 10,000 signatures by Friday 27 November and we will then deliver them to Minister Martin Cullen.
We’re not there yet – can you help us spread the word?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Post the petion to your Facebook/ Twitter
  • Include in an e-newsletter or put up a link on your website
  • Print out a paper copy of the petition (see below) and display in your office/ foyer/ venue etc (these can then be inputted online afterwards)
  • If you are an artist or arts organisation contact your suppliers to tell them about the petition – insurers, designers, printers, IT consultants, stationery suppliers, couriers etc – these will all be affected by cuts in the arts and will be interested to hear about the Campaign and the petition. You can download a sample letter below which you can use when contacting them or create your own.

If you’ve any further ideas just let us know and we will post.

j Printed Petition
j Sample Petition Letter

Help the NCFA continue to advocate for the arts in Ireland.