Fancy doing something a bit different on Saturday 14th November in Cork?

NCFA warmly welcomes new economic report on significant contribution of arts to Irish economy
5th November 2009
Press release by Labour, 5 November 2009 welcoming report on Economic Impact of the Arts in Ireland
6th November 2009

Fancy doing something a bit different on Saturday 14th November ?
We are looking for a few hundred people to take part in a flash mob on
Patrick’s Street…


Flash mob (or flashmob)is a large group of people who assemble
suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then
quickly disperse. The term flash mob is generally applied only to gatherings
organized via telecommunications, social media, or email.



Interested ? Check out below.

Who do we want?
Everyone! No experience necessary.

For what? 
A flash mob to celebrate the arts in Cork.

When is it happening?
Saturday 14th Nov. at 1.30pm

Where is it happening?
Patrick’s Street, Cork

How long will it last?
Around 3.5 minutes

To stand up (and dance a little) for the arts.
And to bring fun and bewilderment to Patrick’s Street punters.

What do you need to take part?

You need to come to two rehearsals at the newly revamped Savoy Theatre, Patrick’s Street on:

Wednesday 11th November, 7.30pm – 9.30pm and

Saturday 14th November, 10.30am


Then LET MR. BLUE SKY IN at 1.30pm

Sign up now:  RSVP to

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