Artists and arts workers meeting called in Limerick 10 November

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29th October 2009
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5th November 2009

As part of the National Campaign for the Arts a meeting of Artists and Arts Workers based in Limerick and the surrounding areas has been called for Tuesday 10th November at Limerick City Gallery of Art at 5pm.

The meeting is an opportunity for Limerick Artists & Arts Workers to

  • Register their opposition to the recommendations proposed in the McCarthy Report with relation to the arts
  • Create awareness of their work and its contribution to life in Limerick for Elected Representatives and the Greater Public 
  • Generate support for and decide upon a course of action to highlight the significance of our sector to the cultural and economic life of the city & region

We would greatly appreciate it if you could attend and please forward this email to as many artists & arts workers as possible so that we can generate as much support as possible.

Please check out and join the Limerick East Arts Workers site on Facebook.

Help the NCFA continue to advocate for the arts in Ireland.