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What Next? Minutes of meeting 7 September 2016

September 07 2016, at 4.28pm

What Next? Minutes of meeting
7 September 2016

In attendance: Niamh Lunny, Gráinne Pollak, Síofra Nic Liam, Gavin Murphy


Culture Night:

  • PDF to be produced and distributed to Arts Organisations, providing facts on the current funding situation for the Arts in Ireland and inviting the public to offer their symbolic support for raising it to European average
  • Discussed: how many points/questions, what info needed from signer, what graphics to include. Regarding dissemination, need to provide clear guidelines for venues, publicise PDF to venues, publicise to public.
  • 3 points to be compiled, including info on government’s current spending on culture, poor working and living conditions for artists in Ireland and the benefits of engaging in culture for everyone across all areas like education, health, economy and community.


  • Niamh and Gráinne to revise and re-word any unclear points drawn up at meeting
  • Gavin to send final document to designer

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