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NCFA What Next? Minutes of meeting 31 August 2016

August 31 2016, at 4.31pm

NCFA What Next? Minutes of meeting 
31 August 2016

In attendance:  Eoghan Carrick, Karina Lundstrom, Shelly McDonnell, Gavin Murphy

Website and mailing list

  • Irma and Eoghan still working on getting the database sorted
  • Shelly will ask David Wall for access to the back end of NCFA website in order to transfer the mailing list from Feb on into the Create Send mailing list
  • Mailing lists need to be consolidated before Culture Night in order to pass on info and update members.

Culture Night

Main actions:

1. Vox Pop: coordinated by constituency reps
2. Filming:  Overview by Jenny Keogh
3. PDF:

  • A simple statement of support, max three points (inc. bringing Irish arts funding in line with EU average), tick boxes, collect names and email addresses, small space for comments.
  • Efficient black and white pdf design
  • Sent to organisations and constituency reps, collected by constituency reps

4. Flash Mob: Deborah Kelleher and RIAM open to organising a flash mob, will need an NCFA point of contact
5. Social media Hashtag: One that is specific to CN and NCFA

Correspondence (needs to be out in a weeks time):

  • Heads up emails to Culture Night and larger institutions that support NCFA but cannot do so publicly: this is to gauge support for the arts from the general public, not to incite protest or hi-jack the events
  • Venues and Constituency reps: asking for support, listing all actions, copy of PDF, hashtag
  • NCFA members and mailing list: letting them know about the PDF, vox pop, hashtag, asking them to share NCFA posts


  • Ali: Follow up with Jenny and badges
  • Karina: contact Tom re getting constituency reps as volunteers on CN
  • Eoghan: contact Jo re PDF. Confirm it’s ok, what to be included on PDF and in correspondence
  • Shelly: get in touch with David Wall, update mailing lists to Create Send and Eoghan
  • Gavin: contact Atelier (David Smith) re designing the CN PDF

Next Meeting 07 September, 9am at VAI

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