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What Next? Minutes of meeting 21 September 2016

September 28 2016, at 1.35pm

What Next?
Minutes of meeting 21 September 2016

In attendance: Michelle Browne, Eoghan Carrick, Niamh Lunny, Siobhán Mooney, Gráinne Pollock


  • Membership is up to date
  • From now on when people sign up to NCFA they sign up directly to campaign monitor not the website, this works much better

Work Placement

  • Michelle B suggested that we look into getting someone on a work placement
  • Arts Admin course in UCD run by Emily Mark Fitzgerald, Michelle B will contact her about this OR Arts policy course in IADT
  • Work placement candidate: help draft newsletters, work closely with a mentor who has a lot of experience, will have a desk they can work from (possibly in Theatre Forum)
  • Need to figure out: who does the work placement candidate report to? What exactly can we offer? How can we make the role sustainable so that the work that is done doesn’t fall off when work placement leaves? How long is the work placement?


  • NCFA Soundcloud is being reactivated. What do we want to use it for?
  • Maybe short interviews on policy? People will not listen to news/content that is out of date. Is there any point in reactivating? It is a lot of work for a low hit rate

NCFA Interaction

  • Gathering stories/interviews from people about how they interact with the arts and their first experiences with the arts etc., Jenny Keogh and Ali Kirby to take a lead on this
  • Good to have these interviews taking place nationally, not just in Dublin
  • How can you become the NCFA? Should try and get this question out to people, on the website etc., make it more personal
  • Michelle B will find out if NCFA can give a talk in NCAD during their Thursday lecture series
  • Need to get across that the NCFA What Next meetings are open to everyone – it is not a closed group


  • Newsletter to go out on the 30th of each month, it will be a concise roundup of the minutes and any other big news
  • Newsletter to be sent to Aoife Lucey and she will send it out
  • Draft will be set up in a google docs document to people can edit the draft instead of sending emails and drafts back and forth
  • Pre budget submission to be included in the next newsletter


Eoghan C:

  • To find out about details of the roadshow
  • Find out about the website and get constituency info from the old website
  • Put Michelle B in touch with Eugene D about visiting the collages

Michelle B:

  • To contact Emily Mark Fitzgerald about the work placement – look into other Arts Admin courses
  • Draft a job spec for the work placement position

Gráinne P:

  • To set up a google doc for the newsletter so everyone can edit the draft

VAI ARE MOVING TO OLIVER BOND STREET. NEXT WEEKS MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE at Independent Studios, 16 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

What Next? Minutes of meeting 14 September 2016

September 28 2016, at 1.27pm

NCFA What Next?
Minutes of meeting, 14 September 2016

In attendance: Eoghan Carrick, Siobhán Mooney, Gráinne Pollock, Síofra Nic Liam, Niamh Lunny

Culture Night

  • Unable to go ahead with plans for volunteers and PDF for venues in short time frame
  • Hashtag #republicofculture to be used instead

Website/Email/Social Media

  • Eoghan to meet with Theatre Forumto finalise database so that all members will now receive email updates
  • Monthly Newsletter to start circulating to NCFA members, Síofra, Grainne and Siobhan to work on this
  • Website to be updated by David Wall and more linkage to website will be posted through facebook and twitter
  • #republicofculture to start being used

Meetings with TDs

  • NCFA met with oireachtas committe
  • NCFA members to begin to meet with local TDs
  • Information, possibly in podcast form, to start being produced to aid people who want to meet with TDs
  • Pre-budget submission will be emailed to members to also aid anyone meeting their TDs

What Next? Minutes of meeting 7 September 2016

September 07 2016, at 4.28pm

What Next? Minutes of meeting
7 September 2016

In attendance: Niamh Lunny, Gráinne Pollak, Síofra Nic Liam, Gavin Murphy


Culture Night:

  • PDF to be produced and distributed to Arts Organisations, providing facts on the current funding situation for the Arts in Ireland and inviting the public to offer their symbolic support for raising it to European average
  • Discussed: how many points/questions, what info needed from signer, what graphics to include. Regarding dissemination, need to provide clear guidelines for venues, publicise PDF to venues, publicise to public.
  • 3 points to be compiled, including info on government’s current spending on culture, poor working and living conditions for artists in Ireland and the benefits of engaging in culture for everyone across all areas like education, health, economy and community.


  • Niamh and Gráinne to revise and re-word any unclear points drawn up at meeting
  • Gavin to send final document to designer

NCFA What Next? Minutes of meeting 31 August 2016

August 31 2016, at 4.31pm

NCFA What Next? Minutes of meeting 
31 August 2016

In attendance:  Eoghan Carrick, Karina Lundstrom, Shelly McDonnell, Gavin Murphy

Website and mailing list

  • Irma and Eoghan still working on getting the database sorted
  • Shelly will ask David Wall for access to the back end of NCFA website in order to transfer the mailing list from Feb on into the Create Send mailing list
  • Mailing lists need to be consolidated before Culture Night in order to pass on info and update members.

Culture Night

Main actions:

1. Vox Pop: coordinated by constituency reps
2. Filming:  Overview by Jenny Keogh
3. PDF:

  • A simple statement of support, max three points (inc. bringing Irish arts funding in line with EU average), tick boxes, collect names and email addresses, small space for comments.
  • Efficient black and white pdf design
  • Sent to organisations and constituency reps, collected by constituency reps

4. Flash Mob: Deborah Kelleher and RIAM open to organising a flash mob, will need an NCFA point of contact
5. Social media Hashtag: One that is specific to CN and NCFA

Correspondence (needs to be out in a weeks time):

  • Heads up emails to Culture Night and larger institutions that support NCFA but cannot do so publicly: this is to gauge support for the arts from the general public, not to incite protest or hi-jack the events
  • Venues and Constituency reps: asking for support, listing all actions, copy of PDF, hashtag
  • NCFA members and mailing list: letting them know about the PDF, vox pop, hashtag, asking them to share NCFA posts


  • Ali: Follow up with Jenny and badges
  • Karina: contact Tom re getting constituency reps as volunteers on CN
  • Eoghan: contact Jo re PDF. Confirm it’s ok, what to be included on PDF and in correspondence
  • Shelly: get in touch with David Wall, update mailing lists to Create Send and Eoghan
  • Gavin: contact Atelier (David Smith) re designing the CN PDF

Next Meeting 07 September, 9am at VAI

What Next? Minutes of meeting 10 August 2016

August 11 2016, at 3.39pm

NCFA What Next?
Minutes of meeting, 10 August 2016

In attendance: Eoghan Carrick, Tom Creed, Ali Kirby, Karina Lundstrom, Shelly McDonnell, Siobhan Mooney, Siofra Nic Liam, Ian Toner

Political Progress/ Updates

Tom gave an update on the NCFA/ Arts Council meeting:

  • In submissions / feedback, it will be key that we integrate funding milestones into the shorter-term as well as “to 2025”.
  • In light of current context the ‘arms-length principle’ should be invoked in our submissions
  • In relation to the 1916/2016 commemorative funding, they have requested this be ring-fenced annually as part of future investment
  • In terms of future-planning we should integrate a targeted approach to the Local Authorities into our planning– specifically through both the Arts Officers, CCMA and Councillors;
  • It was noted Culture2025 will signal the first time the policy function of the Arts Act will have been enacted.
  • It was also suggested to us to be clear of our role in terms of representing the arts community within a broader cultural discussion;
  • As an FYI: the Arts Council has requested €10M in additional funds in their pre-budget submission, and there is a general query around the impact of the €43M required for Galway ECOC


  • Ian asked about the procedures around the public emailing to offer support. Focus should be put on co-ordinting them with their constituency groups and engaging with the social media on Twitter and Facebook. Get the information out. Like. Share. Retweet.
  • Shelly and Siobhan brought up that there will be a NCFA Information Table set up at the Visual Arts Annual Get Together in IMMA on the 26th August. Jo Mangan has been contacted and Shelly and Siobhan are going to spearhead, ensuring the desk is manned. The “What You Can Do” page that Tom is making up will be available at the desk for people to take.
  • Eoghan asked the group to keep sending on articles for the social media. It helps.
  • The website was discussed and suggestions were made to make it easier to navigate. It needs to be clearer in how it tells people: what we do, who we are and how people can help. It also need the information to be updated and streamlined.

To Do:

  • Tom will finish the update of “What You Can Do” information for the website and collating the constituency co-ordinator information.
  • Ali, Eoghan, Karina will report back on the website meeting
  • The public messaging information will be followed up by Tom.
  • Ali and Ian will continue to look after the NCFA email.
  • Eoghan will continue to update the Social media.
  • Shelly and Siobhan will gather a group of people to man the NCFA desk for the Vis Arts Annual Meeting.

Next meeting: 17 August, 9am at the VAI Offices (Central Hotel Chambers, 7/9 Dame Court, Dublin 2)

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