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Research and the NCFA

  • Photograph Tony Kinlan

    Our NCFA Strategy on Research sets out our specific research aims, approach, and agenda for the next three years. It contains examples of how a multi-agency approach to arts policy research can work in Ireland and lead the way internationally.

    The complementary paper, the NCFA Position on Research seeks to stimulate public interest in why research matters and characterises the current situation.

    Both these documents can be viewed and downloaded at the link below.

    Read together, our documents on research set out our aspirations and actions aimed at linking research to policy in the arts. We want to promote connection between all researchers whose work affects perceptions and decisions affecting the arts and arts policies.


  • NCFA/RedC Survey

    May 2014

    This month, as part of our local election campaign, we commissioned leading research company Red C to research public opinion on funding of the arts by local authorities.*

    The results are now in and we are delighted to share them with you. 

    The survey reveals that two-thirds of the public believe that local authorities should provide financial support to fund the arts.

    The survey also found that over half of those who endorse funding by local authorities, believe that the level of support provided should exceed 50 cents per person per week

    Finally, 1 in 5 people believe that the arts should be funded by more than €1.

    You can find our Local and European Election lobbying letters, further facts and figures, and how to find your candidates HERE.

    View and download the survey by clicking on the image above.


    *The NCFA RedC survey on funding of the arts by local authorities was financially supported by Senator Fiach MacConghail, a member of Seanad Éireann.

  • Photograph Patrick Moore

    The NCFA believes that a programme of dynamically planned research with practical policy goals is urgently needed to ensure the funded arts sector continues to serve its social, economic, and cultural function. This is desirable as soon as possible. Everyone should know how the funded arts sector is governed, what it achieves, and who benefits.


  • Photograph Tony Kinlan

    The NCFA COLLOQUIA series came about in response to the lack of adequate substantive and rigorous research on the arts and cultural activity in Ireland. The aim of these four conversations was to promote a case for research that redressed this deficit of knowledge.  It was our intention to involve policy makers and funding institutions to take on board insights that emerge as they shape the sector into the future.

    NCFA COLLOQUIA feeds into the NCFA’s own ongoing research and campaigns.

    “We see this as a great opportunity to engage widely on research, to listen and learn from others so we can inform ourselves, our stakeholders and our Minister. We expect the NCFA COLLOQUIA to be a full-blooded investigation of the clichés, prejudices, cherished beliefs, and cultural bogeymen that stand in the way of a better understanding of the value of the funded arts sector.” 

    Valerie Connor, NCFA Chairperson


    The NCFA COLLOQUIA series was supported by Independent Seanad Eireann Senator Fiach Mac Conghail.

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