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Budget 2013 - Summary

  • Budget 2013 was announced on Wednesday Dec 5th.
    Our analysis of the Breakdown of Expenditure including % +/- on 2012 is included in the downloadable pdf below.
    Here are the top-line notes from the macro figures of The Expenditure Report for 2013:
    Overview of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht allocation
    • The Overview of Departmental Expenditure indicates that expenditure under the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht will be €260 million in 2013, a cut of 5.4% across the Department. This will consist of €222 million in current expenditure and €38 million in capital expenditure.
    • The Programme Expenditure for Arts, Culture and Film was €132.3m in 2012, reduced down to €125.4m, a cut of 5% in 2013.
    Breakdown of Funding Allocations

    The Expenditure Report for 2013 provides details of capital allocations and net expenditure only. Minister Deenihan appeared in the Dail on Thurs Dec 6th to further detail current expenditure estimates. These will be published with the Revised Estimates in February 2013. However, in the meantime, we can confirm the following directly from senior officials within the Department:
    • €60.7 million funding for the Arts Council for 2013. This is a cut of 4% from 2012 funding which was €63.24 million. Minister Deenihan has confirmed that this amount will be allocated from current, capital and European Presidency funding. The EU Presidency funding for the Arts Council in 2013 is €800K, which therefore leaves the Arts Council with Grant-in-Aid of €59.9 million - a cut to its core funding of 5%.
    • EU Presidency Cultural Programme : €2.7 million has been allocated to the D/AHG across two years, of which €1m was already spent in 2012. Culture Ireland received €1.55 million of this €2.7 million across 2012 and 2013.  
    • An average 5% cut across the National Cultural Institutions with the National Archives maintaining its €1m current expenditure.
    High levels of programme activities that refer to the Arts are:
    • EU Presidency Culture Programme delivered at home and abroad
    • Support in spending programme for The Gathering initiative
    • Ongoing management and operation of National Cultural Institutions
    • Fostering cultural tourism, including the provision of support to the Abbey Theatre, events such as the Wexford Opera Festival, the Dublin Theatre Festival and a wide range of local festivals.
    Other notable items
    • Section 481, Film Tax Relief Scheme extended until the end of 2020. This has been welcomed by the Irish Film Board and you can read their statement here.
    • Simplification of the scheme of tax relief available for donations to charitable and other approved bodies, including the introduction of a blended rate of relief of 31%
    • The increase in Universal Social Charge exemption level from €4,004 to €10,036 is a welcome one for part-time workers in the arts and other sectors too.
    A full detailed Breakdown of Expenditure and % +/- on 2012 can be found on the downloadable pdf below.
    Further analysis can be found in our Dec 14 newsletter.
    We will continue to progress analysis of the implications for the Arts as funding decisions are published in early 2013. Keep an eye on our twitter and facebook for further updates.

    j 2013 Budget Analysis

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